New solution gives healthcare professionals the flexibility to develop ways to help chronic treatments of diseases and other health conditions.

SAP Launches SAP Health Engagement a new solution designed to connect patients directly to physicians and health program managers. The technology gives healthcare companies, insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies the ability to create custom applications to help patients monitor their health through setting goals and making customized chronic reviews and other health conditions.

By directly linking patients and health professionals with real-time data presentation and high-speed analytical, technology will allow doctors and health program managers to make early interventions to improve health management and help to reduce costs.

“SAP is promoting technological advances that improve people lives and places them at the center of the treatment,” says Margareth Amorim, specialist in solutions for the health sector of SAP Brasil. SAP Health Engagement solution enables healthcare companies to develop applications to manage chronic health conditions, to offer personalized home care and engage patients in clinical treatments. When having a 24/7 connection with their physicians, patients can share the management of their health with these professionals more effectively.

As a first initiative to the associated SAP Engagement Health, SAP joined Roche Diabetes Care Germany to develop SAP Health Link, a solution that helps to prevent diabetes. The goal is to allow health professionals through digital services to be connected with patients at risk of developing diabetes type 2 to closely follow the journey of changing patients’ lifestyle.

Based on the learning achieved through this partnership with Roche and the feedback from various customers, SAP Health Engagement is designed to provide a kit of flexible development tools that can be used to create applications tailored to any condition or chronic illness. Such applications can also follow patients involved in clinical treatments and assist them in personalized home care. “At first, this platform has the potential to improve and individualize the cooperation between doctors and patients of any type of chronic disease,” says Dirk Uebelhör, director of Roche Diabetes Care Germany.

Data capture generated by the patient

SAP Health Engagement captures data generated by the patient via sensors on the wearables (wearable electronic devices), gathering it in the mobile application. The solution synchronizes this data safely and in real time. Data on the wearable sensors can be integrated via Bluetooth, for instance, the Apple Health Kit or any other native integration. Customer data can be easily integrated through a unique QR code using mobile applications, so that data can be automatically transferred from the source database to the mobile device.

Transmitting and storing health information securely

SAP Health Engagement, built on SAP HANA Cloud Platform enables data analysis at high speed for research purposes. This helps to ensure the rapid development of new research hypotheses under strict conditions compatible with the highest data security standards and privacy. The solution provides patients total control over their personal health data, giving them the ability to decide who will have access to that information.

Encouraging self-care

Promoters can create customized wellness programs that encourage and enhance self-care. These programs help patients to have a healthier lifestyle through the use of a mobile application and collection of necessary data (anonymously) that can enrich medical research.