There are two major misconceptions about leadership in business. The first is to think that just because a developer excels in its area, he/she will be a good leader. The second mistake is to believe that the ability to lead is an innate characteristic, when in fact it is a skill that can be learned and enhanced with the proper training.

By implementing leadership development programs the company can demystify those beliefs, not only positively reaching your existing workforce, but also future candidates. The most attractive companies for the labor market are those that can promote a good career path and rise opportunities for employees. Have the opportunity for professional growth is one of the biggest motivators for a team.

See the main advantages of investing in an internal leadership development program:

Strengthen the company’s culture

The business culture must be the basis of all the company’s operations. When a new employee joins the team you need train it, and if he/she is to occupy a leadership position, this process can be even more complex and time-consuming. To invest in someone who is already part of your workforce and understands your business is a way to act as a leader and strengthen your company’s culture.

More strong leaders

A good leadership development program helps to prepare your leadership team to deal in the best possible way with crises, adversity, unexpected obstacles, and even errors and losses.

Easily develop empathy between leadership and staff

It is much easier to establish a sense of collaboration when the leader was part of the team led. It will be easier to create an empathetic environment and trust among staff, both necessary for a good relationship.

In this scenario, a well-designed leadership development program can bring excellent results in short and long term, valuing talents by encouraging and educating future leaders.