Empathy is the key to the revolution of business. This year, in SAPPHIRE NOW, the biggest global event for businesses and technology, Bill McDermontt, CEO from SAP, defined the vision of the company to the client. “This is all about you, our customers, and what makes us special is that we have an alliance with you that is unbreakable” said McDermontt.

McDermontt talked about empathy and commitment. “Everything has to start with empathy for the user and the experience they are getting your company”, he said. “We strongly believe that the thinking design and innovation are the path to follow. So we really understand that every encounter with our customers means that we have to get to know and understand their customers. We have to make the work environment better, we have to improve people lives, one client at a time. That’s the commitment I offer to you today”, he said.

This commitment to the final client is really powerful, since 76% of global transactions are executed in a SAP system, totaling about US$ 39 trillions in global trade.

For the CEO, challenges and unpredictability’s of the current economy are a reminder that it is the customer who determines whether the companies will win or lose.

Empathy is the ability to put yourself in the other’s position to better understand how he feels, but it is necessary to know each other, it takes dedication to build this bridge. According to McDermott, absorb candid feedback includes adopting an empathetic approach to always be curious about the customer’s business.

To keep the wheel of innovation turning, in 2010 SAP invested US$ 50 billion to innovate their business. While most of it was organic, a part came from mergers and acquisitions. SAP HANA, the new standard for the 21st century database is the key to the big company’s innovation processes. The company has reinvented its business suite with S/4 HANA, enabling business processes to be simplified and faster than ever, and increased collaboration between business networks with the SAP Ariba potential.

Bill McDermott predicts that in the next five to ten years, the changes will be much more impactful and disruptive than in five to ten years that we have lived, mostly conducted by technologies such as Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality. “I strongly believe that smart applications will fundamentally change the way you work in the company and the way you collaborate with their trading partners,” he mu mae.

The SAPPHIRE NOW in Orlando gathered over 30,000 attendants and had near 300,000 viewers all over the world. Check the videos and keynotes of the highlights at SAPPHIRE NOW.