Quality Management Award

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]SAP AG granted Exxis the Active Quality Management accreditation. A concept of implementation that implies satisfied clients due to proper management on each project. SAP AG seeks that its partners have and show clear Sap Business One implementation processes as well as high quality standards. Santiago, Chile, March 26th 2012 –  Exxis S.A. has received the certificate of a new global quality accreditation program by SAP AG. The certificate was bestowed by the Active Quality Management de SAP Organization upon Exxis S.A. for demonstrating clear processes and high quality standards. Thanks to the collaborative interaction with SAP, Exxis S.A., helps ensure that the Project of a client be delivered according to specifications, budget and on schedule. The accreditation is given worldwide to SAP’s business partners who prove the highest standards in their sales processes and implementation methodologies. Exxis S.A. is closely aligned with key quality principles that SAP regards as fundamental for the success of each implementation, designed to offer software and high quality support alongside proportioning processes, tools and adequate services to reach successful processes. Nowadays companies are continuously facing the challenge of administrating risk on projects, which are more and more complex each time. As a certified member of the world quality accreditation program, Exxis S.A. will be able to assist clients SAP clients to avoid escalations, keeping profits, reducing benefit dilution and improving successful compliance throughout the program’s whole lifecycle. Besides, the program offers an approach oriented toward the quality of sales processes and implementation methodologies through access to better quality standards and processes of an SAP channel. With a clear focus on quality compliance, the accreditation also helps partners improve in the success of their proposals through a differentiating sale compared to other partners, with a clear language, certain information, and focusing activities on risk mitigation. “El crecimiento de nuestra compañía tanto en Chile como en el extranjero ha demandado que nuestros procesos de implementación estén alineados a estándares de calidad elevados. El monitoreo continuo en el desarrollo de nuestros proyectos ha constituido un pilar fundamental para alcanzar estos estándares. La participación en el programa AQM nos ha permitido administrar riesgos en forma eficaz y mejorar la satisfacción de nuestros clientes en la entrega de nuestros servicios”, Francisco Gatica, Gerente de Consultoría Corporativo, Exxis S.A. The partner’s annual quality plan and the quarterly quality revisions comprise the base for the global quality accreditation program by proportioning a way to monitor performance of the parties and measure success. The partners are obliged to present an annual plan to expose how quality is to be improved within their own organization during the year. Also, the quarterly quality revision allows the joined monitoring of risks through an open bilateral communication, as also identifying and preventing problems.   See Active Quality Management Accreditation Certificate.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]