The group of applications offers the most used functionalities throughout a simple and easy to use experience, similar to the applications from the market. It seamlessly operates on multiple devices like desktops, tablets and smartphones. The way of work, assimilate contents and experiment with technology changes in a dizzy pace. Personnel want friendly tools for them in order to do their tasks in a few clicks. Having this in mind, SAP launched SAP_Fiori, a collection of applications offering a simple experience, coherent and easy to assimilate during the usage. It possesses an intuitive format that operates seamlessly on multiple devices (desktops, tablets and smartphones). The first version has 25 applications covering the most frequently used functions of business such as production flows, query reports and self-service tasks

The announcement was made during the SAPPHIRE® NOW event in Orlando, Florida, from May 14th to 16th.

“We took a new task which is to renew the experience of our users for all of our applications. The market demands for simplicity and easy to use functions, and so SAP Fiori offers”, words of Vishal Sikka, Directive Board Member and President for Technology and Innovation in SAP AG. “SAP Clients would take SAP Fiori right away and will provide an instantaneous value to all employees, making the business software easier to use”.

SAP Fiori was developed after working close to almost 250 clients and detecting the most used functionalities of the market, as well as the weakest points from the previous clients’ experiences. The early adopters enjoy business benefits such as solid gains in productivity and employees’ satisfaction, reduction in turnaround times of work and an increased in business processes.

“The feedback from our first group of clients was extremely positive. The majority of them showed pleased with the easy usage and simplicity of the applications” agreed Tom Greene, President of IT and Business Services from Colgate. “We worked closely with SAP in developing the vision and mission of SAP Fiori and we believe the first version of our partnership is superb”.

“I am pleased to receive very positive results of the SAP’s strategy of users’ experience in such a short period of time”, replied Benjamin Salter, from Applications Development and Enterprise Architecture at Valero. “The applications from SAP Fiori are as easy to use as Facebook, Google or Amazon. It is just what users wanted”.

SAP Fiori can be used from any browser that supports HTML5 language, mobile devices and desktops. The reactive fundament is the base of it, since the goal is to “sensitize” the applications by an only interface for users. Thus, can be implemented in multiple ways: as a collection of applications, as diverse virtual applications or as elements that can be consumed directly in SAP or third-party portals. It can also be configured to provide access to a subset of applications based on user roles.

“The commitment assumed by SAP to renew the users’ experience is an important step in relations with their customers”, indicated Joshua Greenbaum, Directive Member from Enterprise Applications Consulting. “Employees in all industries are waiting for better and more intuitive user experiences, and their employers now that translates into higher levels of productivity and higher acceptance rates”.

The first SAP Fiori version includes applications for four users roles: manager, employee, sales representative and purchasing agent. Including approvals of requests for vacation and travel, personalized schedules (my timesheet), payment records (my paystubs), cration of sales orders, clients’ invoices and purchase orders tracking.

Further information and the complete list of applications can be found at

SAP Fiori is available right now and the price varies depending on the number of users.