On April 14th at 10am we will be conducting a webinar about the Lumira Edge solution.

Tired of waiting for IT to aggregate data sources or create a query or default report when your team has a new question? Ever wished that his team could visualize data as required and analyze it in real time? Now, with SAP Lumira solution, Edge edition, you can do it all. Designed for teams and departments, this data visualization solution can be deployed in minutes, allowing you to analyze and present data in the most stunning ways that will help everyone to understand what really matters.

In this event, we will present all vertical solutions for the industrial sector of São Paulo, including the main segments: manufacturing; automotive, retail and wholesale, aeronautics, design and engineering services, restaurants, supermarkets, transport, distribution and logistics, among others who need leverage their ERP software systems together with fiscal and electronic invoices systems.

In this event, EXXIS Brazil together with SAP Business One, will present the solution in real-time,

Register here: http://goo.gl/forms/JbPZ6tRIwU