MANAGING YOUR COMPANY WITH THE BEST AGRIBUSINESS SOLUTION. Precise planning, execution and conference. Manage all sectors of your company with a single software. In agribusiness, many technologies and biotechnologies are used for high productivity levels. For this, we need a solution for the management at the hand-planting phases, handling, harvesting and profit. The B1Agribusiness is a complete solution specifically developed to for agribusiness management along with SAP Business One. The solution controls: Benefícios SAP: Tudo simples e mu ma única plataforma. Redução de custos SAP Benefits: All simple and on a single platform. Cost-cutting
  • Agility in operations
  • Maximizing efficiency
  • Profitable growth
  • Multicrop Solution with cases in soybeans, corn, cotton and coffee
  • Complete solution for livestock, duplicate fill or data redundancy
  • No waste of time or reworks between ERP and B1Agribusiness
  • “Real time” accounting and traceability
  • Easy handling of field notes and no duplicity
  • Crystal Reports platform, easy maintenance and creation
  • Native ABC Cost Methodology, combining financial results with costing
  • SAP Certified Product, using audited development tools and in accordance with the best global practices
  • Agribusiness reports displayed within the SAP Mobile solution
  • Mobile’s Agribusiness Notes in Android and offline
With B1 Agribusiness, potentiate the success of your production. Simplify management of your company; adopt tools of control and precision, with EXXIS Brasil.