Sports generate an immense amount of data that are taken advantage of, in general, through statistical analysis. But the information can also be used in real time to reverse a sports scenario in which defeat is almost certain.

One of the lesser-known uses of technology and its application are sports. This, maybe because of a complicated implementation, players’ strength, directors or fans’ factors. Many of the most popular sports in the world were deprived of technological advances. Fortunately, today we can count on the use of Big Data, which assists in the optical monitoring of the players and the use of motion analysis tools. Technology has allowed documenting the first results in sports supported by technology and a non-invasive way.

Sports such as football, tennis, golf, football and hockey have used data analysis technology to help coaches to adjust strategies in order to change the competitions’ outcome. For example: during half time, coaches can point patterns, movement variations, performances or any other element that allows players to improve their performance in the field.

One of the most significant real examples has been the use of these technologies in tennis. Analysis applications that enable sport to:
  • Compare statistics point to point, full game, updated every fifteen seconds;
  • Keep scoring systems that analyze performance on serve, the success rate in winning each game (when serving) and the number of saved break points, and other data;
  • Track information, showing the direction of the player's serve, its location on the court, contact points to respond the service and location during hitting.

In some cases, players who use this type of technology have been able to reverse what seemed to be an imminent defeat. This increases the level of excitement of fans present in the games or the viewers who follow their favorite player can watch how reverts the downside at the last minute, using their best techniques and interpreting the weaknesses of the opponent correctly.

Want to see this in practice? To experience a bit of technological options applied to tennis, download the Miami Open Application available in iTunes and Google Play stores.

This is how high-performance athletes can adjust their behavior to ensure the best results in their performances in team or individual sports.

As federations allows using these types of technology more and more, fans will experience this kind of applications, helping to provide a completely new experience and enabling the public to know more technical details, special moves and strategies used by great athletes.